Why Vote for Change in REA? 

How will REA be different with me as president?

Years of service as a local, state, and national leader has shown a repeated and clear trend from our educators: Growing workloads and our less-than competitive compensation packages are driving talented teachers out of Renton, and out of the profession. 

Renton schools are made up of diversely talented educators. Reclaiming a healthy work-life balance will become our priority. One way to accomplish this would be to equip and empower our Executive Board members, building representatives, and the bargaining team so that we can all better serve you and help advocate effectively, engage in pro-education political action, and unite across the district to solve the biggest problems we face each day. 

As president, in shared power with your Executive Board, we will work tirelessly to assure that the classroom expert’s voices drive decision-making. Frequent listening sessions to understand your unique passions, talents, and concerns will be hosted by the leaders you have elected. 

REA’s interest will be guided by your voice. Combining 21st century 2-way communication platforms with face-to-face conversations will ensure you are heard at every level of decision-making. A webpage that houses REA’s calendar, bylaws, constitution, contract and other governing documents will be accessible to provide transparency to members in a way that is empowering. 

When our UNION amplifies YOUR voice, YOUR concerns, and YOUR ideas, OUR profession is made stronger. I am ready to make REA a union that serves its members and our collective voice.

– Becca Ritchie, Candidate for REA President 

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