Lucero Alegre: Why I’m Voting for Becca Ritchie for REA President

Being a fairly new educator I knew that I wanted to be involved in union work and although I became involved with WEA first, I was not as active with REA – that is until I met Becca Ritchie.

The first time I really noticed and admired Becca was not just at the WEA RA while she spoke out about the many new business items she wrote or helped write, but at last year’s May Day Immigrants’ Rights march. It was then that I knew she walked the talk, literally. Ever since then she has continued to reach out to me, mentor me in union work and has encouraged me be engaged in REA; from the work she does with Rainier Educators of Color Network, to becoming a board member of Rainier UniServ Council, to joining the core team of a restorative justice cadre, Becca demonstrates she is a leader that inspires others to lead.

Being an elementary school counselor, I know and understand the need for equitable contracts for ESAs. We are at a time that all ESAs’ needs must be met. It saddens me to see colleagues leave to other districts or burn out due to our contract not being competitive and equitable enough. I know that Becca will not only highlight our needs, but truly understands the importance of having ESAs at the table.

This is why I am voting for Becca Ritchie for president and why I believe she is what REA needs as our president.

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