Joe Bento: Get Out the Vote for Becca Ritchie, REA President 

Today I am writing to urge you to get out and vote for Becca Richie for REA President! Many have asked me why I, current vice president, am not endorsing the current leader. 

With ample public school funding at risk in our state, we need someone who can organize members. Becca is the only candidate for REA President with the skills needed to lead and organize in the manner needed today. 

I am going to tell you what Becca CURRENTLY does as Vice President of the Rainier Uniserv Council and how I think that will translate into the role of REA President. 

On Becca’s website: Becca lists all of her leadership positions, awards received and grants that she has written that have come into the local and council level. Included on this list is the Rainier Educators of Color Network, which is important to me. Becca came to my school, as a member of RECN, and led a listening session with over 500 students, a majority of our staff, and the local community—including parents. 

Becca also states she wants to empower Executive Board members, building reps and bargaining teams to better serve our local union. Becca says she will include an ESA and other marginalized voices on the bargaining team.

At Rainier Uniserv Council (RUC), Becca leads collaboratively with the RUC President, but also delegates, asks for feedback, forms or joins committees, and makes sure that all member voices are heard. This is the kind of leadership that we need this is the kind of leadership that we need in Renton.  

Right now REA doesn’t have a website that hosts important documents, an event calendar, contact information, or anything else to show transparency. Where are the meeting minutes? When are the Rep Council or Exec board meetings? Currently, you can’t find that information anywhere. Our members and Renton have a right to know and what is happening in our union. REA members need easy access to frequently asked questions about our contract.   

Becca will create this website and give members access to information with transparency. Becca will also follow our constitution, our bylaws, and our election procedures.becca will return democracy to REA, putting you and your voices in the driver’s seat.

Becca is the candidate to elect. She has years of service at local, state and national levels in many groups within our union. While local issues are important to focus on, there are national and state issues that we need to let our members be aware of and contribute to that conversation. 

Becca’s campaign has been about highlighting members’ needs and as the REA President she will do just that—and put the “you” back in Union. I urge you to talk to your colleagues and get out the vote for Becca Ritchie! We need her to become our next REA President! 

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