Elect Becca Ritchie, REA President

Main Flyer

“Our dedicated Renton educators deserve supportive working conditions that provide a healthy work-life balance. Count on me to increase communication and transparency between the district/union and to hold more listening sessions to seek your input. Together, we will build a stronger Union.” – Becca Ritchie 

I am running because collaboratively, we will create a stronger union that leads for educators, students, and our community. REA must become stronger and more inclusive to be vibrant and helpful to truly serve its members.

Open robust communication will drive our association to form a collective voice that will not be ignored. Working together, WE will create the change needed in our district to elevate educator voices in decision-making with choices that positively impact our classrooms, working environments and ultimately our students’ learning conditions.

If not us, who? If not now, when? We are the union, and putting the ‘U’ back in union is critical. Join me with your vote in this endeavor for our students, our profession and our future.

~ Becca Ritchie, Candidate for REA President

See more about the actions I will take on our Action for Members page!