Elect Susan DuFresne, REA Primary Elementary Executive Board Member

I’ve been an REA member and social justice leader since 2009 – serving as Rainier Uniserv Council Board Member, and REA building representative, delegate to WEA, WA BAT Admin, Rainier UniServ Restorative Justice Cadre Leader, Network for Public Education Media Team and as an Integrated Kindergarten Teacher. 

I will work for members by: 

   Demanding a healthy work-life balance.

  • Our workloads have been increasing to a point where they are humanly impossible. This must not continue! 
  • Educators need more educator-controlled planning time. 
  • Educators need more time to organize and maintain their classrooms. 

Promoting the bargaining of competitive, professional compensation. 

  • Renton must become a state leader in wages and benefits contractually to retain our talented professionals. 

Challenging the status quo test culture with: Less is more! 

  • A balance must be reached between teaching, testing, building relationships, and establishing routines.
  • Primary educators need more support for testing as students are still learning to be independent. 
  • Educators should be the majority on policy-making groups designated to make  decisions about testing at the building, district, state, and federal levels. 

 ✅ Implementing developmentally appropriate K-3 curriculum/assessment. 

  • Early childhood professionals must determine all curriculum and assessment policy. 
  • Educators should be the majority on policy-making groups designated to make decisions about curriculum and assessment at the building, district, state, and federal levels. 
  • Our students need healthier lunches!
  • Our students need more recess and unstructured play time K-3.

Emphasizing our professional expertise.  

  • As professionals closest to the students, our expertise must be weighted with the value it deserves in policy making. 

Increasing equity and access for educators, families, and students of color – poverty – special ed – immigrants, LGBTQ.

  • Our students need full time nurses, counselors, and trained Restorative Justice Interventionists who are experienced in supporting students who have experienced trauma. 
  • Educators need training in trauma-informed and Restorative Justice practices as well as the time to implement them. 
  • Often staff that protect and advocate for marginalized students are marginalized themselves. Protecting equity and access for both staff and students is a priority!  
  • Special Education systems must be created to support both students, families, and educators.  

What else is important to you? I am here to listen and advocate for you! I commit to highlighting your needs, acting as your conduit to change as your Primary Elementary Representative on the REA Executive Board.

Please contact me at susandufresne48@gmail.com if you have any questions!